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Why Macro To Micro To-Do Listing Can Greatly Improve Your Productivity

I wrote this blog post a while back in 2017. Given the challenges of lockdown and the new reality of working from home for many people, it felt like the right time to update this post on productivity and one of my favourite productivity hacks.

I hope that this post will be helpful to you too, if like so many people you’re currently spinning multiple plates. But remember: go easy on yourself.

This technique can also be applied to home tasks and life goals generally, so if you’re furloughed right now or in limbo with work, hopefully there are still some takeaways from the macro/micro technique.

How To Design Your Life Backwards | Productivity Tips | The Elgin Avenue Blog

How To Design Your Life Backwards

It’s been a long’ol time since I’ve had a guest post here on The Elgin Avenue, but when Erin reached out to share her take on how to ‘design your life backwards’, I was ALL ears. 

Productivity and goal-setting are things which regularly rotate here on the blog, and when Erin told me about her method, I couldn’t wait to share it with you. Without further adieu, over to Erin . . . !

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